National No One Eats Alone Day is February 12

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Hey middle school students: Make a difference on your campus by ensuring that everyone is included at lunch.

No One Eats Alone Day is February 12. During this student-led lunchtime initiative, students sit with new friends and classmates to reinforce a message that all students are valued and accepted by their peers.

No One Eats Alone Day is a program of Beyond Differences, founded by the parents of Lili Smith who was born with a cranial facial syndrome and was socially isolated during her middle school years. After Lili died at the age of 15 due to medical complications from her syndrome, a group of teens from the local community banded together to bring change to their local schools. They had not realized that they had been leaving Lili out from all the fun social get-togethers. But upon hearing about Lili’s feelings of being left out, they were determined to never let anyone feel that way again.

That small group has grown into many hundreds of teens in communities all across America. These teens are bringing the word that a new day has come – that day starts with National No One Eats Alone Day. Watch this video to learn more.