McClatchy Student Eleanor Love Leading Important Countywide Voter Pre-Registration Project

e-Connections Post C.K. McClatchy

The Sacramento City Unified School District is pleased to report that the district and its students are closely collaborating with the Sacramento County Youth Commission to enhance the way the district informs and encourages its students about voter pre-registration. C.K. McClatchy student Eleanor Love serves as an appointed member of the Youth Commission and has been providing tremendous leadership on these efforts in our school district and countywide.

California law allows 16 and 17 year-olds to pre-register to vote. Pre-registration doesn’t change the voting age, but it helps increase the likelihood that teenagers will vote when they reach voting age. California law also designates the last two weeks of September as High School Voter Education Weeks. Individual Sac City schools have been holding voting activities such as mock elections.

At the start of the summer, the commission determined that roughly ten percent of eligible teenagers were actually pre-registered to vote in Sacramento County, according to the Sacramento County Registrar of Voters. Voting in general is extremely important, and the 18-24 age group is underrepresented in elections.

“We believe this is one of the most important issues facing youth in Sacramento County,” said Commissioner Love, who co-chairs the pre-registration project. “Pre-registration is one of the easiest ways to get involved in democracy.”

The 15-member youth commission advises the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors on issues young people face. It is also working with the Elk Grove and San Juan Unified School Districts on similar voting outreach efforts. Thank you Eleanor for your hard work on this project and for all students that are working to make a difference in pre-registering our students to vote!

Students can click here to pre-register to vote. More information can also be found on the Secretary of State’s website