Lieutenant Governor and Sacramento Mayor Tour Burbank’s Innovative Programs

e-Connections Post Luther Burbank

Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg toured Luther Burbank High School on Monday, November 27, to learn more about the school’s innovative Linked Learning Pathways programs that are offered to Burbank students. The Lieutenant Governor and Mayor heard from Principal Jim Peterson and Burbank students about the work they are doing in the following four pathway programs:

  • Law and Social Justice Academy – The pathway focuses on teaching students about law and legal practices. Students in this pathway complete a 3-year course sequence in the law and legal practice field. Courses are UC A-G approved. They engage in career related learning activities such as case studies, mock trials. Students receive mentoring support from local attorneys and judges throughout the three years that they are in the pathway.
  • Digital Media Academy – The pathway focuses on digital media production, including video and broadcasting. Students learn photography and videography techniques, editing the product they produce with software such as Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, and applying these skills through the school yearbook, the school television webcast and the school blog site.
  • Building Trades Academy – Students in this pathway learn the basic differences between residential and commercial construction and building specifications. They engage in hands-on learning on how to use and operate basic building trades tools and equipment. Students work in teams to draft plans and build mini projects such as cabinets and tiny houses. 
  • Urban Agriculture Academy – Students in this academy learn about sustainable urban farming and food science by using the school’s garden as their laboratory, participating in local events such as the Farm to Fork annual festival, and engaging with staff at the Soil Born Farm and Center for Land-Based Learning. Students are growing, harvesting and selling/marketing what they produce in the garden and greenhouse. They will also complete a 3-year course sequence focusing on innovative and sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

To learn more about these programs and Burbank High School, visit: