Libraries are more than just a quiet place

e-Connections Post

The American Association of School Libraries has proclaimed April as National School Library Month. Join us in celebrating the unique and crucial services that libraries and librarians offer students. School libraries are innovative hotspots at the core of learning, where library staff teaches crucial 21st century skills to our students, allowing them to be competitive in college and careers. Libraries offer safe spaces where students’ social and emotional learning are valued and respected. They also foster creativity, collaboration, wonder, discovery and creation.

Over 60 state research studies have shown that a credentialed school librarian with a multi-format, well-resourced collection, and access to technology, can improve student learning and result in higher grades and higher standardized test scores. Librarians and library staff within our district teach students how to access, evaluate and use information safely and ethically. That information literacy is used in all areas of learning. Librarians help students inquire, think critically and synthesize information to create new knowledge. They also encourage a life-long love of reading through story times, book talks, reading clubs and special events, connecting students to materials and resources that interest them.

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