Kitchen Tour and Tasting at Judah

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The Theodore Judah Kitchen and Theodore Judah Garden is delighted to announce their collaboration and write about how much educational fun they had leading the 2017 kitchen tour and nutrition class with vegetable tastings. This year’s kitchen tour and tasting included unfamiliar vegetables such as plantains, bean sprouts, beets along with a few salad bar-familiar vegetables including kale and purple cauliflower.

During the two successful days, students donned hairnets and participated in a working kitchen tour. They saw firsthand how a commercial kitchen operates in a day-to-day routine. The day started at the beginning of the commercial food flow by meeting the delivery drivers who brought in fresh produce, suppers program meals and warehouse products. While viewing the walk-in refrigerators, they discussed the importance of temperature control and food borne illness. They initiated conversation at every point of the tour, including food preparation and procedures, along with sanitation upkeep and also took questions. 

Students received a sample bowl of the fresh vegetables prepared by the garden coordinator and kitchen manager. Some of the vegetables such as kale and cauliflower are grown in the Theodore Judah garden. It was also noted the Farm to Fork connection and talked about how Sacramento is the capital of the Farm to Fork movement. Nutritional facts about each vegetable and how best to prepare and eat them were also reviewed,

They learned that students preferred the crunch of a bean sprout rather than the soft mushy taste of the plantains. Students demonstrated an amazing variation in their taste palates. Leftover veggies were added to the garden compost bin.

The interactive vegetable tasting was even more successful this year because they expanded the number of tasted items. Participating teachers, parents and the garden docent were impressed with the shared information and the students’ engagement. 

Including the importance of healthy eating and how vegetables play a vital part in our bodies function was critical to the tour.