JFK Senior Featured in State Capitol Press Conference

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On Tuesday, January 30, John F. Kennedy High School Senior Malissia Bordeaux was a guest speaker at a press conference in the State Capitol organized by Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell. Joined by education advocates from across the state, Bordeaux provided a student perspective on the importance of taking college entrance exams in the junior year of high school. 

“There are so many students who don’t know about these tests or can’t afford them,” said Bordeaux. ”If we had the opportunity to take this test at school, it would be so much easier for students to succeed.”

Bordeaux stood alongside Superintendent Jorge Aguilar, to speak in support of the Pathways to College Act–a legislative bill that proposes to open doors to higher education for parents and students by allowing school districts to offer college admissions tests like the SAT or ACT during the school day at no cost to students.

In an interview prior to the press conference, Bordeaux shared that many students have trouble finding the resources to pay for college entrance exams. She also shared that many students she knows will not take college entrance exams if they have to coordinate travel arrangements to another school on a weekend, which is traditionally how these exams are administered.

“I think only certain students who have an interest in these tests are the ones who go out and find the money to take these expensive tests or find the transportation to get to the tests,” said Bordeaux. “But there are so many students who don’t know…and may not see the potential within themselves.”

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