Isador Cohen MESA students earn top honors at math competition

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Isador Cohen Elementary School hosted the UC Davis/Sacramento State Elementary MESA Math Competition last month. More than 100 local students from more than a dozen schools competed on grade level tests for the honor of bringing home medals to their schools.

In addition to individual awards, students competed with their fellow classmates to form teams that worked cooperatively to score trophies.

Isador Cohen students earned first place for second grade (Dominic Dao) and first place for sixth grade (Joshua Valente). Peony Mong also received second place for sixth grade.

Isador Cohen participants were: Joshua Valente, Peony Mong, Aram Alarcon, Ebenezer Ayana, Emmanuel Beacham, Tiffany Morrissy, Kimberly Trujillo, Paula Qin, Madelyn Gibbons and Dominic Dao.