Inspiring Hiram Johnson Students Through Facilities Upgrades

e-Connections Post

Dear Sac City Unified Families: 

We are happy to share some exciting updates about sports facility projects that will greatly benefit Hiram Johnson High School students! 

Installation of a synthetic turf football stadium and all-weather surface 8-lane track was completed at the Hiram Johnson campus in the Fall of 2018. This project was supported with funds from Measure Q which voters approved in 2012. 

This spring, Sac City Unified will be starting the second phase of that football stadium with the construction of ADA-compliant bleachers, restrooms, concession stands, and field lights. The District will also construct a new baseball field.

In addition, the district is initiating plans for a new golf facility at Hiram Johnson. We have committed $25,000 for the new golf facility, and $1 million to Hiram Johnson is coming from a state allocation that was recently highlighted by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty and Senator Richard Pan. Additional funding for this new golf facility has been committed by the Morton Golf Foundation, a philanthropic organization that raises funds for golf programs in the Sacramento community and works to increase access to the game of golf for youth and underserved communities. In addition to the students of Hiram Johnson, the ADA-compliant facility will be offered to any youth in the surrounding community free of charge, after school and year-round. 

Creating the facility at Hiram Johnson will give many students the opportunity to learn about and practice golf, a game that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. People from all ages, genders and walks of life can enjoy playing golf together. Golf promotes the values of courtesy, honesty and respect for others. Golf also teaches sportsmanship, taking personal responsibility, perseverance and the building of self-confidence.

Any remaining funds from the $1 million donation described earlier will be used to begin the process of assessing how to phase in a viable and sustainable Career Technical Education (CTE) pathway at Hiram Johnson. 

Following completion of the new baseball field, updating the swimming pool will be next on the facilities upgrade at Hiram Johnson. Pool upgrades will include major renovations to the pool’s shell and deck, and updates to the controls to maximize efficiency. 

We hope that these projects to update the sports facilities at Hiram Johnson will foster a greater sense of school pride among Hiram Johnson students and across our community, while providing access to enriching sports programs and addressing long standing inequities among the district’s school sites.