Important Safety Update: Text Message Alerts Now Available

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The safety and security of all students, staff, parents and families is a top priority in the Sacramento City Unified School District. In an effort to more quickly communicate to families updates about potential safety threats at our schools, we ask that all parents and guardians please take a couple of minutes to update Infinite Campus with your cell phone number. Starting today, the district is activating an emergency text message alert feature for all families that provide a cell phone number and opt in to receive emergency text messages.

Click here for instructions on how to subscribe to receive emergency text message alerts at your school.

We take safety very seriously and have a dedicated Office of Safe Schools and School Resource Officer (SRO) Unit. For the past four years, our district safety team has been focused on a concerted and deliberate approach to improving school safety. The Director of Safe Schools and the SRO Unit have developed a strong Comprehensive Safe School Plan (CSSP), improved the practice of conducting emergency safety drills and enhanced coordination between Sac City Unified and all first responders including the Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, Sacramento Fire Department, Sacramento County Probation Department and several federal and state agencies. The Director of Safe Schools and SRO team also developed and deployed numerous safety trainings for students, staff, parents, community and safety partners.

The SRO Unit has also received specialized training. These trainings include Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Prevention for Youth, Human Trafficking, Anti-Bullying and Provisions for Special Needs to name a few. The Director and officers from the SRO Unit also seek the most current trainings and conferences to enhance their knowledge and to prepare them for all hazards. Trainings later enable Safe Schools and the SRO Unit to create updated trainings for Sac City Unified. The Director and team also attend an annual training for Threat Assessment Professionals that is the impetus for the need to do proactive work to identify and prevent threats and violence, and the Director and one SRO are active members of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.

The following strategies have been developed to form a solid foundation to address safety at Sac City Unified schools:

  • Comprehensive School Safety Plans (CSSP) are prepared and updated annually by all school sites.
  • Safety plans are created with guidelines set forth by the Department of Homeland Security, the United States Secret Service, FBI, ATF and Office of Emergency Services. Research is also conducted with subject matter experts across the nation to determine current best practices in safety policies and procedures. 
  • Rapid Responder is the online Emergency Management System utilized by Sac City Unified that compliments and houses our Comprehensive Safe School Plans and well as our Emergency Drills. This system is shared with all of our first responders, the Sacramento Police Department, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and the Sacramento Fire Department. Each agency now has the ability to utilize this system to immediately access our CSSPs and view information that will assist them so they can respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to all our school sites.
  • All of our schools conduct three types of safety drills throughout the school year in preparation for an actual emergency: fire, earthquake and lockdown drills. 

While this is a snapshot of the proactive measures to address school safety, the daily engagement of the SROs and the Safe Schools Director with principals, staff members, students, parents and the community is extensive. There are 8 school resource officers and a Sergeant who work alongside our Safe Schools Director to address daily safety concerns at all of our schools. The daily response of the entire team can include a variety of safety issues to include the following and more: missing children, assaults, burglary, robbery, sex crimes (both as victim and suspect), bomb threats, cyber threats, bullying threats, parent disputes, staff issues and HR concerns. In addition, the team is actively engaged with mentoring and working with community partners to enhance student and parent relationships. 

We understand the safety and security of your student is critical. The district will continue to provide periodic updates to families on the steps we are taking to ensure our schools are safe and positive places of learning.