‘Hometown Hero’ Sadler honored at SCUSD Board meeting

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Gee, Sadler and MLK Principal Denise Lambert pose with current studentsLeft to right: Deputy Superintendent Lisa Allen, Board Member Diana Rodriguez, Board Vice President Christina Pritchett, Sadler, Board Member Ellen Cochrane, Student Board Member Elizabeth Barry and Board Member Jessie RyanSadler and Vigil

“Hometown Hero” Anthony Sadler was honored at the SCUSD Board of Education meeting on October 15.

Sadler, who attended Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School and graduated from Rosemont High School, was one of three local men who thwarted a gunman on a Paris-bound train last August.

At the Board meeting, Sadler was surprised by his first-grade teacher Mabel Gee, whose current students sang for Sadler and presented him with papers they wrote about why he is their hero.

Rosemont High School Principal Elizabeth Vigil also presented Sadler with a plaque and tickets to Disneyland.