Helpful tips on how to request information from the District

e-Connections Post

In the past year, the district has received a spike in requests for information. Examples of such submissions include information regarding specific district expenditures, employee emails, and sets of data that the district has reported to the California Department of Education. We want to help the community understand the proper process and protocol for requesting such information and public records.

The Legal Services Department will process requests for information that involve public records of the district following the California Public Records Act (PRA). The Legal Services Department has developed a web page to provide community members with a more effective and cost-efficient way to submit requests for records and access to frequently requested documents. 

The PRA requires public agencies to initially respond to a request for records within ten calendar days. Sac City Unified will endeavor to complete the requests within this time. However, if the files are numerous, and other factors make it challenging to review the information, then the district may notify the status of the request within ten days. The school district may also provide the requester with an estimated timeframe for the completion of the PRA request. 

To learn more about how to request information from the district, please visit our Requests for Information–Public Records Act webpage