Health Professions Stages Simulated Drunk Driving Accident To Raise Awareness

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On May 1 and 2, Health Professions High School simulated a real-life crash scene as part of the “Every 15 Minute” program, which teaches students about the real-life consequences of drinking and driving.

On the first day of the program students were involved in a mock-scenario that involved a fatal vehicle crash. First responders were on-site to handle the staged wreck. A Life Flight helicopter flew in to transport one student away, while another was taken in an ambulance and the acting non-sober driver was taken off by the police.

On the second day of the program families were invited to attend the mock-funeral of those that had passed away in the tragic crash. It was an emotional two days for students and staff at Health Professions, with the goal of showing just how wide-spread the consequences from drinking and driving are.

Senior Theresa Bravo hosted this program as her Senior Project. Funding was provided by the Office of Traffic Safety and personnel support from the California Highway Patrol, Sacramento Fire Department, Sacramento County Chaplaincy, Sacramento Police Department, U.C. Davis Medical Center, Dignity Memorial Funeral Home, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Sacramento County Coroner’s Office.

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