Halloween Safety Tips and Guidelines

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Sacramento City Unified Halloween Celebration Tips


We know that many members of our community celebrate fall holidays. With that in mind, we ask that families be safe while having a great time!

As always, please follow the usual precautions:
  • Inspect – All treats for tampering. 
  • Be Alert – While driving or participating in activities like Trick-or-Treating.
  • See and Be Seen – Use reflective tape and flashlights. 
  • Keep Pets Safe – Bring them indoors with I.D. collar and current license tags. 
  • Give Only Commercially Wrapped Treats – And consider giving healthier or non-food items.

Sacramento City Unified School District has also developed some guidelines to help schools, students, and their families celebrate safely within their communities. 

Costume Guidelines

Make sure your costume is appropriate for the school environment.

Check with your school on costume policy. Costume masks that cover a student’s face are never appropriate to wear during school hours. Please do not wear a costume mask during the school day.

Costumes or props that suggest, or depict violence, are also inappropriate, and, in some cases, can lead to disciplinary action if they violate school district policies. 

Food Selection

The District strongly recommends all students and adults be responsible about their food and snack choices. While there is a lot of candy and sugary treats being distributed in the community this time of year, please be aware of the health risks to children associated with too much sugar consumption.

The American Heart Association recommends kids have less than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day. The District also has a Wellness Policy that limits the amount of sugar that is allowed on campus during the school day. The policy is in line with federal laws and does not allow for the distribution or sales of cupcakes, cookies, chips, candy, or any other such foods during the school day. Click here to read our wellness policy.