Green Apple awards announced

SCUSD’s Green Apple Awards are presented to staff, students and community that go above and beyond their daily tasks and responsibility to help make our learning environments more green and sustainable.

Nominations were accepted in the categories of Green Team of the Year, Green Administrator of the Year, Green Educator of the Year and Green Operations Staff of the Year. This year’s award recipients were honored for their work to reduce water and energy consumption, increase recycling and food waste collection, beautify their campus and promote sustainability among their students and colleagues.

Superintendent José L. Banda and Facilities Department representatives presented the awards.  They are:

Green Team of the Year 2017

A. Warren McClaskey for its active involvement in Project Green since its inception. In addition to Project Green, students organize cleanup days, conduct community outreach, assist fellow classmates in sorting cafeteria waste, maintain a school garden, participate in a community composting group and remind staff of ”green” behaviors. The school also has had an established recycling program for over 20 years which provides recycling pick up for schools throughout the district and community.

Green Educator of the Year 2017

Anne Bestgen, West Campus High School who is a science teacher at West Campus and has served as an advisor for Project Green since its inception. Ms. Bestgen has mentored students working on energy and water conservation audits, school garden implementation projects and Green Week activities. She is always willing to promote sustainability initiatives with her students and colleagues and is improving the campus environment by increasing daylighting and air circulation in classrooms and encouraging beautification of the school grounds.

Green Administrator of the Year 2017

Dr. Susan Gilmore of A. Warren McClaskey for leading the school’s Project Green efforts and allocating funds to create a garden and garden artwork. She encourages students and staff to participate in green programs and activities at the school and even contributes her coffee grounds to the school’s composting program.

Green Operations Staff of the Year 2017

Alice Birney Custodial Staff for successfully operating a recycling and food waste collection program in their cafeteria for the last four years. The school has taken it upon themselves to develop a sorting system with their students. The custodial staff is responsible for overseeing the final sort of the bins and ensuring that bins are cleaned for the next use as the program does not use plastic bags. The custodial staff also participate in collecting recyclable items such as paper and cardboard from classrooms around the school. In 2016, the Waste Program at Alice Birney was nominated for Green Project of the Year Award and the initial organizer, Felipe Ferraz, was nominated for Green Educator of the Year Award.

2017 Green Apple Award Nominees were also recognized and include:

  • A.M. Winn Green Team
  • Robin Gunning, John F. Kennedy High School
  • Yong Lor, Albert Einstein Middle School
  • Denise Ayeni, A.M. Winn
  • Renee Smith, Will C. Wood Middle School
  • Vanessa Buitrago, John F. Kennedy High School
  • Thomas Ferrie & Serna Center Custodial Staff, Serna Center
  • James Hernandez, John F. Kennedy High School
  • Sherryl Cole, Facilities Department