Governor Introduces State Budget–District Budget Process Begins

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Governor Jerry Brown released his State Budget Proposal on Wednesday, January 10. With this announcement, the process of crafting the Sacramento City Unified School District’s Budget for the 2018-19 school year officially begins. 

The district is now analyzing the Governor’s State Budget Proposal to determine how it would impact funding for our schools and programs. In the coming weeks, the district will be releasing more information about what the Governor’s proposal means for our school district budget.

Over the next several months, the Legislature will also delve into the Governor’s proposal and discuss their own funding priorities. The first legislative hearing on the State Budget is scheduled for January 23 in the Assembly. The constitutional deadline for the state legislature to pass a budget bill is June 15. 

The district and its Board of Education plan on hosting a series of community meetings over the next few months to obtain public input and answer questions as we craft our own budget for 2018-19. Please check the district website in the coming weeks for announcements about these upcoming meetings and when they will be scheduled.