Golden Empire students get new RedRover Readers Room

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Golden Empire Elementary School students have a new space to learn about animals and develop empathy skills, thanks to community partners RedRover and IKEA.

Through IKEA’s Life Improvement Challenge, a workroom at the school was transformed into a RedRover Readers room, a place for teachers to work on building social-emotional skills through the RedRover curriculum.

“RedRover is passionate about building empathy skills as a way of preventing animal cruelty and abuse,” said RedRover President and CEO Nicole Forsyth. “These skills are valuable for kids not only in affecting their interactions with animals all their lives, but also in helping create positive connections with people and possible school culture.”

At the ribbon-cutting on Tuesday, teacher Ingrid Hutchens led a class of second and third graders through a close reading of “Call the Horse Lucky,” a picture book about a neglected animal that finds happiness after a Humane Society rescue.

Students related the story to their own lives and asked questions about how to help others.