Get ready, get set…school starts Tuesday, September 3
SCUSD gears up Every Day Counts attendance campaign for 2013-14

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Did you know?

  • Students who have the best attendance perform the best in school.
  • Missing even one day of school can set back learning.
  • Missing school can disrupt all students in a classroom if the teacher is forced to slow down.
  • Every day missed costs your school money; state funding is based on attendance.
  • Good attendance – and being on time – is important for success in life and at work.

School resumes on Tuesday, September 3, and with it comes a renewed campaign to improve attendance at all Sacramento City Unified campuses.

Getting to school on time every day is a healthy habit, like brushing your teeth. For children to learn this healthy habit, it has to be practiced every day – no excuses. Once children get into the routine of regular attendance, and benefit from performing well in school, they are more apt to like school and enjoy learning. It’s a win-win for parents and schools.

Tips for Parents:

  • Set a regular bed time and morning routine.
  • Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before.
  • Don’t let your child stay home unless he or she is truly sick. Keep in mind complaints of a stomach ache or headache can be a sign of anxiety and not a reason to stay home.
  • Develop back-up plans for getting to school if something comes up. Call on a family member, a neighbor or another parent.
  • Avoid medical appointments and extended trips when school is in session.

Parents can help their children get to school on time every day by being role models of this positive behavior.

Students who miss a lot of school – 18 days or more during the year – are considered “chronically” absent, and are at greater risk of dropping out before graduation. Sacramento City Unified School District is partnering with UC Davis to study patterns and causes of chronic absenteeism as part of an initiative to boost student attendance and improve learning.

Kindergarteners and high school seniors have particularly high rates of chronic absence: Almost one in five students in those grades missed at least 10 percent of school in 2010-11. Because schools are allocated funding from the state based on student attendance, chronic absence translates to lost dollars.

UC Davis researchers estimate that SCUSD lost $3.1 million in 2010-11 due to chronic absence – roughly the equivalent of 50 classroom teacher salaries. In addition, studies have shown that students who are chronically absent have lower scores on standardized tests and lower graduation rates at all economic levels.

SCUSD and its partners have many resources for parents who may need help getting their students to school. Those resources include:

  • The SCUSD Connect Center. The Connect Center is a centralized youth and family resource center that serves as a “gateway” to critical support services for students and families. Center staff is trained to address the health, wellness and educational needs of SCUSD’s children, youth and families.
  • Regional Transit. Many SCUSD families use buses and light rail to bring children to and from school. For routes and schedules, please visit:
  • The SCUSD Enrollment Center. The Enrollment Center (5601 47th Ave.) is a one-stop resource for families seeking assistance and information on enrollment. Services provided include registration, school transfers and pre-testing services. For hours and more information, visit:
  • Student Hearing and Placement. The Student Hearing and Placement Department is responsible for:
    • Expulsion Hearings
    • Re-Entry Placements
    • School Attendance Review Board (SARB) Hearing
    • School Uniform Exemption
    • Student Records
    • Caregiver affidavit Cumulative Records Transcripts Work permits
    • Suspension Appeals
    • -Title IX (student to student) Complaints

Contact the department at (916) 643-9425 or via fax at (916) 399-2029.