FIRST Lego League Students Experience FIRST Robotics Playoff

e-Connections Post Mark Twain Earl Warren Will C. Wood

On March 23rd nearly 100 students participating in the FIRST Lego League (FLL) took a thrilling and energizing field trip to UC Davis to see the FIRST Robotics competition. FIRST Lego League is organized by FIRST Robotics and introduces younger students to scientific and real-world challenges.

FLL students from Mark Twain, Tahoe, Earl Warren and Will C. Wood were able to tour the work area of the FIRST Robotics playoff and watch the robots compete. School of Engineering and Science students partnered with the FLL students and gave them a tour of work areas and the competition zones.

Please save the date for the FIRST Lego League Expo at the Serna Center on June 2nd. More information will be released soon.