Fern Bacon students learn path to college with SCUSD’s new online initiative

e-Connections Post Fern Bacon

Students at Fern Bacon Middle School are participating in a new district initiative to improve the college and career readiness of secondary students.

The California Colleges Guidance Initiative – CCGI – offers high-quality online career and college planning tools for students, families and educators. 

By using the tools, the goal is for students to graduate with a thoughtful, well-informed plan for life after high school. This includes career exploration, enrolling in the right high school courses, exploring college majors, certificates and other programs, and exploring which colleges and universities would best suit the needs of individual students and families.

To achieve the CCGI milestones, each Fern Bacon student will build a comprehensive online portfolio. The combination of technology tools and personal guidance helps empower students to successfully research potential colleges and career paths, choose high school courses that prepare them for college and navigate the process of paying for and applying to colleges.