Extended application deadline for the State Seal of Civic Engagement — to April 24th

e-Connections Post

As some of you may know, the initial State Seal of Civic Engagement application (please see the State Seal of Civic Engagement Project and Application Section) deadline is this coming Monday, April 17th. To receive the Seal, students will have to complete their applications and have demonstrated all of the following requirements:

  • taken measures to develop a deeper understanding of a social, community, and/or environmental problem(s) or issue(s) that is meaningful to them, 
  • learned practical skills to acquire multiple perspectives and develop realistic solutions to address the issue in service of the community and/or the common good, 
  • taken informed action to engage with decision-makers to advocate to change policy or course of action, 
  • demonstrated personal growth from engaging with the community or practicing their civic influence, 
  • responded to all prompts for the student reflection and shared their reflections with their two recommenders

For those who need a little extra time to complete your reflection responses, your application, ensure your two recommenders have completed their recommendation forms, please submit everything by the following Monday, April 24th. Please contact Dr. Hueling Lee (at hueling_lee@mail.harvard.edu) with any questions or concerns. 


Thank you!