Enjoy Winter Break! eConnection goes on hiatus

e-Connections Post

After a busy fall, it’s time for teachers, staff, students and families to take a break — Winter Break!

Schools are closed December 26-30 and January 2-6. Classes resume on Monday, January 9. The eConnection newsletter will return that week as well.

SCUSD is asking the community to keep an eye on our empty campuses over the break and to report any suspicious activity.

“Most of our schools are surrounded by homes, and we need those neighbors to join us in protecting these valuable and sometimes vulnerable community centers,” said Sacramento Safe School Office Manager Nina Delgadillo.

All SCUSD campuses will be locked and alarmed during the break, and all security cameras will be monitored. “The schools belong to the community,” said Delgadillo, “and we need the entire community to help us guard them.”

If you see suspicious activity, please call:

  • For schools within Sacramento city limits call 264-5471
  • Residents outside city boundaries should call the county Sheriff’s Department at 874-5115
  • School security can also be called 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 643-7444