Employees Act to Help Homeless Families in District

e-Connections Post

Sacramento City Unified families struggling with homelessness have found that district employees believe supporting students doesn’t stop in the classroom or school site.

For well over 15 years, the wonderful staff of the Facilities Support Services Department have made monetary donations to Parker Family Resource Center which assists homeless students receive equal access to educational opportunities. Monica McRho, longtime homeless program coordinator, says the Facilities Support Services Department has been a consistent supporter of her families. “Each year, over a hundred homeless students, from every school in our district, benefit from their ongoing support.” McRho said their donations have provided school supplies, hygiene items, winter gear, and other basic needs and services for our homeless and critically disadvantaged students. She gave a special shout out to Department Director Barry Evpak and Painter Assistant Supervisor Tim Mowry for organizing the donation drives.

One example of employee action this past winter was Operation Warm organized by Gayle McKnight, Administrative Assistant for Technology Services. McRho estimates that district staff collected approximately:

  • 45 jackets, coats, sweatshirts
  • 50 sets of hats, gloves, scarves
  • 20  Blankets

The warm clothing was distributed to two shelters: Next Move Family Shelter (serving Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary, Will C. Wood Middle School and Hiram Johnson High School) and St. John’s Shelter Program for Real Change for Women & Children (serving Peter Burnett Elementary, Kit Carson International Academy and Hiram Johnson High School). Thirteen homeless families also benefited from the drive. Three of the families were living in cars.

McRho said, “The three families living in cars were so appreciative.  It’s such a struggle to live in a car.” She added that warm clothing and blankets are a 24-hour necessity. “These were critical donations for these families.”