Einstein Middle School partners with Intel’s Maker Pal’s program. 

e-Connections Post

Students at Einstein Middle School are learning critical tech skills thanks to an innovative partnership that the school has established with tech giant Intel. The “Maker Pal’s” program inspires students to dream big and work collaboratively in an ever-growing technological world. Skills like collaboration, problem-solving and project management are essential to help students learn these skills at a young age.

“Sowing into the next generation is a privilege, and getting to work with the amazing students and staff at Einstein Middle has been a true pleasure. All the Intel volunteers are happy to give back to the community, but as an Einstein Alumni, partnering with Ms. Del Agua in starting this program makes this an exceptional experience for me. Despite this being a very new partnership, we are looking forward to many years of growth and development together in the years to come. Thank you,” said Saseul Song, Einstein Middle Alumni. Saseul wanted to give back and help Einstein students. He helped organized the Intel Maker Pals partnership.  

“The Maker Pal program is important so we can connect with other people and help us with our writing skills, email skills, help us organize events and help us with ideas,” said Malia Peterson, Einstein Middle Student. 

Another benefit of this program is that for every hour an Intel employee volunteers, the school receives $10. We estimate that Einstein will receive anywhere from $8,000-10,000 at the end of the year. This money will be used to upgrade the technology for computer classes. 

“Intel’s Maker Pal program is an amazing opportunity for my students to see how the skills they are learning in the classroom connect with real-life careers. Students practice their writing skills, technology skills and collaborating skills by interacting via email with their Maker Pal. Students discuss their planning, projects and seek advice. It is also a great opportunity for students to experience these volunteers giving back to the community and hopefully will inspire my students to do the same in the future,” said Mrs. Del Agua, Einstein Middle School Teacher. 

Mrs. Del Agua’s 8th grade leadership class joined the program earlier this year. Students are paired with an Intel employee, where they email each other two times a week. The partnership continues all year long, and students will get to visit Intel at the end of the year.