Didion students raise $8,580 to help fight leukemia

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Editor’s note: The following article was written by Nicole Staggs, a fifth grader at Genevieve Didion K-8 School.

Genevieve Didion just finished a three-week fundraiser called Pennies for Patients. The fundraiser started on January 25 and went until February 12. They raised $8,580.37 for kids who have cancer called leukemia.

The fifth-grade students from Didion did small fundraisers. They did cool activities like have a toilet paper day where you wrap someone with toilet paper for only a dollar. They also had an electronics day, sports day, stuffed animal day and pajama and slippers day. The school also sold “I Saved Lives” wristbands.

Fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Laura Nann, was responsible for making this fundraiser a success by coordinating all the activities, including a Family Zumba Night held in the school gym.

Mrs. Nann’s class made cute posters and hung them on the classroom doors. Each class decorated an ox that held the money they raised. The event was kicked off when all the grades selected a box they liked and put money into it. The money got the classes started off with the fundraising campaign. Genevieve Didion’s goal this year was $4,000. Didion just hit it out of the park with almost two times their goal! This school has gone over their goal two times in the past two years. 

Mrs. Nann is so proud of the school for raising that much money for kids with cancer. Next year she said she would start off with a big bang and just make the goal to $7,000 right off the bat! Mrs. Nann thanks everyone for contributing to the campaign and hopefully have a great success again next year too!