Despite teacher shortage, SCUSD has filled 96 percent of its teaching positions

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With two weeks to go until the first day of school, the district is pleased to report it has filled over 96 percent of its teaching positions and is continuing to fill positions daily. Despite a nationwide and statewide teacher shortage, SCUSD is faring better than most districts in its teacher recruitment efforts.

“The Human Resources Department has worked incredibly hard to recruit high quality teachers for the upcoming school year,” said Cancy McArn, Chief Human Resources Officer. “While there are still some vacancies in hard to fill positions, we will continue working hard to fill all positions.”

Much of the district’s success can be attributed to its rigorous teacher recruitment efforts. Over the past two years, the district has established a dual credential cohort program in partnership with Sacramento State University. This program was two years in the making and helps the district identify local teaching talent in college, for placement in SCUSD schools after graduation. The first crop of newly credentialed local teachers will be in SCUSD classrooms this fall. The district expects this program to serve as a critical pipeline of local teaching talent for the district for generations to come.

As the district works to expand its pipeline program with Sacramento State, it has been able to temporarily fill some positions in special education with the assistance of an innovative cohort program with teachers from the Philippines. The teachers from the Philippines are experienced credentialed teachers, speak fluent English, and are familiar with our education system, as the Filipino education system mirrors the American system. Six teachers from the Philippines were recruited this year to fill vacancies in special education after all local recruitment efforts were exhausted. The teachers in this cohort program arrived in Sacramento earlier this week.

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