David Lubin hosts event to celebrate STEAM

e-Connections Post David Lubin

David Lubin Elementary School hosted a spirited rally on Monday to celebrate its designation as a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) school.

Superintendent José L. Banda spoke at the event, thanking Lubin’s staff, students and families for their work to bring a STEAM focus to the school.

“STEAM is such a perfect fit for Sacramento and our urban community that is so rich in the arts,” he said. “Art and science are not polar opposites. The best scientists are creative and have fresh ideas. And the best artists are grounded in an understanding of the way the world works, which is science.”

David Lubin has a new logo to go with its new designation. It depicts a child stretching to touch a star.

SCUSD Board of Education members Ellen Cochrane and Jessie Ryan also attended the event.