David Lubin clinches elementary school basketball championship

e-Connections Post David Lubin

The David Lubin Dinosaurs won the SCUSD elementary basketball league final against the John Still Tigers last Friday. With a 43-33 win in the finals, the Dinosaurs finished the season with an undefeated record.

The SCUSD elementary basketball league is a co-ed intermediate league for fourth through sixth graders. At least one boy and one girl must be on the floor at all times for each team. This year, 10 schools in two five-team conferences played against each other, traveling to each others schools and enjoying friendly competition.

Under the leadership of parent/coach Leroy Penn, David Lubin’s basketball team represented their school with their selfless play and team spirit. The players showed character and determination on and off court.

Congratulations to both the Tigers and the Dinosaurs for making it to the finals!