Congratulations to our Teachers of the Year!

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Congratulations to our SCUSD Teachers of the Year! This year’s winners are Ms. Leslie McAfee, a first grade teacher at Crocker Riverside Elementary and Mr. Brandon Parker of Albert Einstein Middle School. Learn more about each.

Ms. Leslie McAfee

Ms. McAfee has taught in our district for 15 years. She has worked at Ethel I. Baker, Pacific and Crocker Riverside Elementary. She serves on the Crocker Riverside School Site Council. Her teaching philosophy is to engage all students in rigorous curriculum that is exciting and purposeful and create a classroom where the expectation of academic success is celebrated. She believes in giving students opportunities to think critically in all subject areas, explore alternative ways to solve problems and collaborate to build universal classroom comprehension. Ms. McAfee strives to make learning the culture in the classroom. Ms. McAfee graduated from Sacramento State University with a bachelors in government and a masters degree in education.

Mr. Brandon Parker

Mr. Parker has been teaching Language Arts, Leadership and Physical Education at Einstein Middle School for five years. He is the founder of a poetry club at Einstein and has worked with poet mentors from U.C. Davis to host writing workshops on the campus. He spends many afternoons mentoring young poets, and many evenings supporting those same students at poetry slam competitions. 

As the Leadership teacher, Mr. Parker puts together dances, rallies and all sorts of other special day activities. He serves on the school site council and the leadership team at Einstein. Overall, Mr. Parker has been an educator in the Rosemont community for the past eight years and is also a well known coach in the area. 

We look forward to supporting both Mr. Parker and Ms. McAfee as they move on to the County Teacher of the Year competition. Congratulations!