Community digs in to help fix up Cal Middle’s soccer field

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Editor’s note: The following article, written by student Colby Tell, first appeared in the California Middle School newspaper The Californian. 

Soccer Field Expansion

By Colby Tell

Cal now boasts a new and improved soccer field! Thanks to Teichert, Inc., Land Park Schools Foundation and the Land Park Soccer Club, Cal’s front field has been reconditioned for improved play.

The project included taking down both of the old backstops on the front soccer field, installing portable goals and widening the playing field by eight yards.

Teichert, Inc., one of the companies working in the surrounding neighborhoods to finish the installation of new water pipes and mains, generously donated time and labor to the project.

The two backstops on the front field, along Land Park Drive, were removed. Taking them out enabled the width of the soccer field to be expanded.The soccer goal posts were also taken down and replaced with portable soccer goals. The portable goals are beneficial, because they are, portable. Being able to move the goals, and rotate the position of the goalie box, will help protect the field from wear and tear. Moving the goals will hopefully ensure that the goalies do not have to play in a muddy pit for the whole season.

Mary Rotelli, Chief Operating Officer of Teichert, Inc. is responsible for agreeing to help with this project.

Cal’s soccer teams look forward to playing on the field next week and testing out the new goals. They’re positive they’ll bring them luck this season, as they intend to sink as many as possible in the nets!

With The Californian’s focus always on reporting events, promoting school activities and highlighting achievements, we were able to bring it full circle this month by conducting a question and answer session with Mary Rotelli. A leading construction company in Sacramento, Teichert, Inc. was founded in 1887 by Rotelli’s great-great grandfather, Adolph Teichert, a concrete foreman, who built the original sidewalks around the State Capitol building (which was new at the time)!  Over the past 128 years, the company has done thousands of wonderful projects in the community.

Read excerpts from our conversation below.

Teichert’s most recent project in the Land Park area is replacing the water pipes, but what project are you most proud of in our community?

One of the projects I am proudest of is the Boys and Girls Club of Sacramento. We were the only state capital in the country without a Boys and Girls Club, and with the support of Teichert Inc., we now have two—the Raley Branch in downtown Sacramento and the Teichert Branch in South Sacramento.

Why have you decided to designate resources to enhancing our soccer field?

We are honored to be working in the Land Park area, and felt this would be a way to show our appreciation for the support the community has given us and our crews. The Teichert employees who you see on your streets every day are grateful for your patience with their work; installing water meters requires us to dig up streets and yards and sometimes slow traffic down to make sure everyone is safe and that the work is done correctly. We appreciate the kind words and patient reactions that the students, teachers, families, and neighbors of Cal Middle School have had to us making these improvements in your neighborhood.

How important is it to you to carry on the traditions of Teichert and the role it has played in shaping Sacramento?

Carrying on the traditions that we are proud of is what has allowed us to be a successful California company for more than 12 decades. Our core values are Building, Trust, and Tradition, in fact. Some of the traditions that we think about include showing respect and fairness in all endeavors, skillfully delivering on the commitments we make, and being a valuable resource to our community.

What advice do you have for young people, especially teenage girls, who wish to enter your field?

The types of jobs people do range from operating equipment to managing projects to estimating or planning work—all are important to a successful outcome. Most of these require some math, so progressing in math, science and technology is a great way to prepare for careers in this field. It is very worth it: construction is a rewarding, interesting, fun type of work to do. We can see the results of what we do every day; we work alongside talented and highly skilled people—and we have fun doing it!

My job is to oversee the different operations of Teichert, including Construction, Rock Products, Concrete Products, and Pipelines as well as the groups that support them like Human Resources and Mobile Equipment. The toughest part of my day is determining what is the most important thing to do. Each of our businesses has a lot going on, and prioritizing my time and effort so I do the most important things first is critical. One of the things I enjoy doing the most is going to what we call “tailgate safety meetings.” These meetings happen every day on our jobsites—sometimes more than once—and are a chance for the foreman who leads the crew to talk with the people he is working with about the task at hand and how it can be done most safely.  At least once a week, I try to start my day by attending a tailgate meeting. Some other common things I do include meeting with customers or colleagues to work on common goals; brainstorming the best way to accomplish something (either on my own or with the help of people whose opinion I value); and making decisions on issues confronting our business.