Combating the Human Trafficking Epidemic in Sacramento

e-Connections Post

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and the Sacramento City Unified Board of Trustees will discuss and vote on a resolution on this serious matter at their January 18 meeting. The district is committed to being a strong community partner to end the human trafficking epidemic that plagues our community.

The district requests all students, parents and employees to remain vigilant and be prepared to take action if you or anyone you know is being targeted for human trafficking or exploited. If you are aware of human trafficking or child abuse activity, you should immediately call 911 or the 24-Hour Child Abuse Hotline at (916) 875-KIDS.

For your reference, at Sac City Unified we also provide the following resources to assist students who are being exploited or at risk of being exploited:

  • Our Youth Services Department has a case manager who works with youth at high risk of exploitation, as well as those who have been exploited. This case manager is currently a full-time district employee and helps connect students to the following services: 

    • Case Management
    • Crisis Assessment
    • Referrals to Community Providers
    • School Based Support Services
    • Advocacy
    • Mentoring
    • School Re-Entry Support
    • Small Group Sessions
    • Peer Mentoring
    • Training
    • Safety Planning
  • The district received a $400,000 3-year grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice in 2016 to expand our programs to mentor child victims of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic sex trafficking. The district hired and trained 10 college-aged mentors in the summer of 2017 and these mentors will be working in middle and high schools with at-risk youth.
  • Our Student Support Centers are ready and able to assist students who are either being exploited or targeted for human trafficking. The Centers have worked closely with all our community mental health providers in supporting youth. As part of this effort, we partner with the UC Davis CAARE Center to provide specialized mental health services for children who have experienced sexual abuse. They also work closely with a number of community partners to support student needs. Please contact your school-based Student Support Center, or call the Connect Center at (916) 643-2354.
  • The district is currently working with the “3strands Global Foundation” to implement the PROTECT curriculum (Prevention Organized to Educate Children on Trafficking) for teachers. A local nonprofit, 3Strands Global, has obtained a grant to provide trainings for teachers. The goal is to begin implementing these trainings for teachers this Spring. 
  • The district has established a partnership with the non-profit City of Refuge Sacramento to implement the SHINE program at 6 schools in the district. The program works with young girls to achieve the following outcomes: develop holistic personal and problem-solving skills, understanding of intrinsic value, enhanced social support networks, increase self-awareness and resilience.

Finally, the district has trained over 500 teachers, social workers, nurses, administrators and local community members in issues related to sexual exploitation in SCUSD and beyond through the formation of the Sexually Exploited Children and Teens Collaborative, which was founded in 2009 by Sacramento City Unified School District, University of California Davis and Wind Youth Services. 

Please help us raise awareness by sharing this information with everyone you know and encouraging them to take action if they notice or are aware of students being exploited or targeted for exploitation. Together, we can put an end to this serious problem in our community.