Central Kitchen Showcase Gets Five-Star Review

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On Tuesday, September 12th, Nutrition staff planned menus, chopped, diced, marinated, roasted, and sautéed a beautiful showcase of meals they envision making for students when the district’s highly anticipated Central Kitchen project comes to fruition in 2021.

More than 100 guests attended the showcase which featured a 7-course display of fresh and locally produced menu options. The showcase also included displays of how the Central Kitchen will reduce costs and connect students to more locally grown food and produce.

Participants also received the latest updates from project staff and had an opportunity to participate in a community forum to ask questions and solicit ideas on how the Central Kitchen can enhance the neighborhood, serve as a hub of nutrition education, and further polish the Sacramento region’s reputation as the farm-to-fork capital. 

One unique display at the event highlighted cost savings. Currently, the average cost per sandwich is 79 cents but the cost once the Central Kitchen is complete will be 44 cents per sandwich. The sandwiches will also be prepared fresh instead of frozen, use local food sources, and contain 20 or fewer ingredients compared to the more than 50 ingredients used now.

District staff would like to continue receiving community input on this important project. Some of the items the district would like input on include: diversifying menu options to include more ethnic food items; suggestions for how the central kitchen can be used by the community and; identifying more local farmers for produce and other items.

To learn more about the Central Kitchen project click here. To submit comments or suggestions, please send an email to central-kitchen@scusd.edu.

The district would like to thank the Food Literacy Center, the Burbank Urban Garden, and General Produce for their support in providing decorations for the showcase.