Carver student is finalist in regional environmental contest

e-Connections Post George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science

George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science student Alyssa Gnos won $450 in the Caring for Our Watersheds proposal writing contest co-sponsored by the Center for Land-Based Learning and Agrium, an agriculture products supplier.

Gnos also won a matching amount for her class at Carver.

The Caring for Our Watersheds contest challenges students to
research their local watershed, identify an environmental concern and come up with a realistic solution.

More than 400 students sent in proposals for review. Proposals from the top 10 finalists were presented to a panel of community judges. Gnos is the only finalist from an SCUSD school.

She is now eligible for approximately $1,000 in funds to implement her project.

Gnos’s proposal is to creatively raise awareness that storm drains deliver water and pollutants directly back to waterways. Her plan is to install inlet filters in neighborhood storm drains to reduce current oil and sediment delivery and use colorful imagery around each drain to educate about storm water runoff.

“The purpose of the contest is simple,” says Agrium Inc. program advisor Lindsey Metheral. “Our goal is to encourage students to learn about their local watershed and be inspired to make improvements to the land, air and water. With community and school support, we have seen the creativity and determination students have for protecting and preserving the environment. It’s inspiring when they turn their ideas into reality.”