Cal Middle’s math department focuses on ‘growth mindset’

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California Middle School’s math department is focusing in on Stanford Professor Jo Boaler’s book, “ Mathematical Mindsets.”

Teacher Kristi Ruddick is helping her students build a “growth mindset” about math.This year, Ruddick has two full sections of kids who chose to take a class to support their understanding of math reasoning, and number sense.

This additional block of math learning is in addition to students general grade level math class. Students will spend the year trying out practical math applications like a “virtual job” where each student earns a yearly salary and they have to budget for expenses all year long.

Says Principal Andrea Egan: “Students are loving this class as it is changing their attitude about math, showing them that math is everywhere and demonstrating that everyone can do math.”

Boaler’s book and her research on attitudes about math are at the heart of SCUSD’s With Math I Can campaign, a partnership with Amazon Education. Parents, students, teachers and staff can voice support for the campaign by taking the With Math I Can pledge here