Board Update: New Year Message from President Jessie Ryan

e-Connections Post

It is my great pleasure to welcome back all of our students, families and staff. Happy New Year! 

Our schools are returning from the winter break with a renewed sense of energy and excitement for the work ahead. The Board is also looking forward to a 2018 filled with ambitious work driven by equity, access and a strong and unwavering focus on student success. We firmly believe our students deserve nothing less.

As the newly elected Board President, and someone who has spent my career strengthening pathways into and through college, I want to ensure you that our Board will maintain a strong focus on student achievement. At this critical moment in time, with so much Federal uncertainty, our students need a Board laser focused on ensuring every student is afforded an equal opportunity to succeed and given the tools and vital supports necessary to reach their full potential.

However, we cannot do this important work alone, it will take a community of support to rally around this bold vision for lifting student achievement. That is why in 2018, our Board will diligently work together to serve students with a focus on the following:

Building Partnerships – We will nurture meaningful partnerships with the city, county, community-based organizations and our local institutions of higher education in order to ensure that SCUSD youth and families have access to a continuum of support and opportunity.

Promoting a Culture of Tolerance and Inclusion – We will strengthen our efforts to ensure all students feel welcome and included in our schools. We will build upon our groundbreaking ‘Safe Haven’ resolution and work towards creating a ‘Student’s Bill of Rights’ so that the needs of students continue to be placed on the forefront of all decision-making.

Expanding Opportunities for Community Engagement – We will provide more opportunity for students and families to participate in district decision-making. This includes making Board meetings more accessible to the public by providing childcare and healthy snacks for those families who attend our meetings. We will also create greater accessibility and transparency in our processes to shape the district budget, Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) by hosting district community meetings on school sites and in the communities we serve. 

Finally, in the weeks and months ahead, our Board is committed to keeping the community informed about the progress we make toward achieving these goals via communications in the eConnection and other platforms such as our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages. The Board is eager to strengthen our communication with students, families, staff and partners to ensure that you are hearing from us often and afforded multiple opportunities to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas. 

Together, in the spirit of partnership, we are confidant that we can and WILL put our students on a path to success!

Thank you,


NOTE: If you have any questions for President Ryan or the Board, please don’t hesitate to reach out to