Board Update: New Members Take Oath of Office, Executive Committee Re-Elected

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It is a pleasure to welcome our new Board of Education Members Lisa Murawski and Leticia Garcia! And, congratulations as well to Board Member Darrel Woo for his re-election.

We also want to congratulate Board Members Jessie Ryan for her re-election as President of the Board of Education, Darrel Woo for his re-election as 1st Vice President, and Michael Minnick for his re-election as 2nd Vice President. The re-election of the executive committee will allow for continuity as the district goes into the new year addressing its most pressing fiscal challenges.

Below is some information about the new Members of our Board who were sworn in last night.

Lisa Murawski, Area 1

Lisa Murawski is a mom, a proud product of public schools, and a fiscal and policy adviser to legislative leaders in the state Capitol.  She feels profound gratitude for the doors public education opened for her, and believes doors of opportunity should be open wide to every child— no matter who they are or where they come from.  Lisa lives in South Land Park with her husband, Ben Turner, and her sons Milo and Harvey, who attend elementary school in Sac City.  She enjoys family fun time, bike commuting, nature, writing, good food, and doing things better.

Leticia Garcia, Area 2

Leticia Garcia is the proud mom of twin girls, an advocate for public education, and an active member in her community. The eldest of eight children, Leticia was the first in her family to attend college. Leticia’s desire to help improve people’s lives and communities led her to a career in public policy — focusing on public education. She lives in Sacramento with her husband Kevin, daughters Victoria and Barbara, and her dog Esme. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, running, dancing, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Darrel Woo, Area 6

Darrel Woo is serving his third four year term. As the son of a Chinese immigrant, Trustee Woo learned early the importance of education as a means to succeed in America.  From birth, the importance of a college education was not only instilled in him, but his parents served as examples of the quality of life that a college education can bring. The education that Trustee Woo earned, all the way through the University of California at Berkeley, was public. Trustee Woo has served and continues to serve the community in many capacities, on many City and County Boards, Commissions and Associations.

To learn more about our Board of Education and view members bios, please visit our website:

Once again congratulations to our two new Board Members and our returning Board Member!