Answers To Your Questions About Our Summer Programs

e-Connections Post

We would like to thank families and community members for the positive response we received after announcing the launch of our new Expanded Learning Summer Program (ELSP) last Friday. Research and data shows many Sac City Unified students can benefit from expanded learning summer courses. While this program promises to provide many of our students with the additional academic support they need to achieve grade level readiness and advanced learning, we understand that new programs often come with questions. 

To help assist families with their questions, we have created a background document, basic fact sheet and Frequently Asked Questions page on our ELSP website. We also welcome families to share input and feedback on this program. Click here to submit a question or comment about the Expanded Learning Summer Program. 

For an overview of all Sac City Unified summer programs, please click here. Families should also know that this week one of our most popular summer programs–Summer Matters–which includes SummerQuest, Summer at City Hall and Summer Ambassador, launched a new webpage outlining details on how and when to apply for these programs. Click here to view the Summer Matters web page