All students headed to seventh grade this fall must have the Tdap booster

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State law requires proof of the Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, or whooping cough) booster before students can be allowed to attend seventh grade classes.

Parents and guardians of middle school-bound students risk their child missing class if they wait until the fall to comply with this law. Bring your child’s shot record to school now.

Pertussis is a serious disease that causes severe coughing spells, which can lead to difficulty breathing, vomiting and disturbed sleep.

Before vaccines, as many as 200,000 cases of diphtheria, 200,000 cases of pertussis, and hundreds of cases of tetanus, were reported in the United States each year. Since vaccination began, reports of cases for tetanus and diphtheria have dropped by about 99 percent and for pertussis by about 80 percent.

If your student is not up to date on all their immunizations (or needs the Tdap booster) please contact your medical provider to arrange for immunization. SCUSD will be offering immunization clinics in the summer for eligible students.

Download SCUSD’s Health Services latest letter to sixth-grade families for more information.