2012 Sustainability Report
Benchmark Report

Outdoor Classroom at Phoebe Hearst Elementary

SCUSD’s Green Schools Fellow formed and worked with a District Green Team to produce a report that showcases the District’s sustainability programs and outlines results. The district will use the report to benchmark its success and guide future programming. The report can also be used by other school districts from across the U.S. to clarify and support their sustainability efforts.

The green programs featured in this report are organized under three categories: resource conservation, health and wellness and student  earning. Key to success of any district-wide initiative is a dedicated staff
and an engaged community. To that end, the report acknowledges the  commitment of the many individuals and organizations that have made SCUSD’s success possible. It concludes with looking ahead, outlining
efforts to build on current programs and plans to establish new projects to further the district’s sustainability goals.