COVID-19 Testing FAQ

COVID-19 Testing FAQ


Why was I (or my child) tested?

You (or your child) was tested as part of routine screening at school to detect cases of COVID-19 to help avoid the spread of the virus. This screening program does not replace the other important safety measures that help keep the school community safe, such as health screening, wearing face coverings, physical distancing, frequent handwashing, disinfecting high contact areas and maintaining stable groups.

What are the known potential benefits and risks of the test?

Potential benefits include that the results of this test can help keep your school community healthy and safe. The results of this test can help limit the spread of COVID-19 to your family and your community.  Potential risks include possible discomfort or other complications that can arise from sample collection and possible incorrect test result.

How will I know when my results are ready?

You will receive a text and email at the phone number and email you provided. You can also visit to check if your results are ready. You’ll need to enter your date of birth and the test barcode found on your test kit card.

What is the expected turnaround time?

Turnaround time is the usual number of hours from the time a specimen is received at the laboratory to when the result is released.  Results for PCR tests are provided within 24-48 hours. Results for the rapid antigen test/BinaxNOW are provided within 15 minutes.

What do I do if I’ve lost my barcode?

Please do your best to keep your barcode. Losing it may delay access to your results. Some people take a photo of it with their phone, just in case. If you lose your barcode, please contact Color Support for assistance at 833-594-1825 or

Who should I contact if I have more questions or if I need help accessing my results?

Please contact Color Support at 833-594-1825 or