Concapping Process and Procedures



First, I want to thank each of you for all your hard work with both enrollment and concapping of students this year.  The purpose of this message is to provide you with information relative to concapping.  As you know, concapping students this year has been difficult due to two factors.  First, we increased class size. Second, we eliminated most transportation.

The attached document was created in an effort to help you better understand the concapping process.  The document is also intended to support you when speaking with parents at your school sites.

Frequency Asked Questions:

• Why can’t the Enrollment Center determine over enrollment and begin the concapping process during the enrollment process?
o The numbers in Zangle are very dynamic.  Sites have more accurate information than what is presented in Zangle. The Board policy states that students will be enrolled at their neighborhood school.

• Why can’t the Enrollment Center explain to parents that they may be concapped from a specific school?
o All parents are informed that their students may be concapped if the school is over-enrolled. Not only are they verbally told, but it is in written form on a paper in the enrollment packet and posted on the wall in poster format.

• Parents need to understand there is no transportation.  How can this be communicated?
o Parents are informed at the Enrollment Center.  They are informed in both written form and verbally. 

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