Isa Sheikh
Student Board Member

Board Member 7/20-6/21

Isa Sheikh is a senior at The Met Sacramento High School. Isa was born in San Francisco, CA as the son of Indian immigrants. Watching his working class family labor tirelessly, he was always taught that education was absolutely vital, ultimately informing his interest in education policy.

As a member of one of the many families who come to Sacramento as a better place to raise their children, he is deeply committed to the community including the thousands of his peers that face so many challenges daily in this district. 

As a student at The Met, Isa has managed various projects including implementing drip irrigation to the school garden, organizing field trips, coordinating graduation, and various fundraising efforts. Through internships at Davis Media Access and the California State Library, he produced a news radio show, interviewed local experts and national figures in different areas of policy, as well as researched 1970s California
political history. 

Isa has served the district for the past two years as a representative on the Student Advisory Council, striving to promote student voice within the district and bring attention to issues that students face. He has taken an active role in surveying students districtwide, formulating recommendations for the LCAP, and working to create platforms for student voice to develop.

Isa lives in South Sacramento with his two younger siblings and his father. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, biking throughout the city, and amateur photography.