October 3, 2013 Board Meeting

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4:30 p.m. Closed Session
6:30 p.m. Open Session


SPECIAL PRESENTATION                     

7.1      SMUD High School Energy Audit Training Project – Energy Efficiency Recommendations for Isador Cohen Elementary

CONSENT AGENDA                      

9.1a     Approve Grants, Entitlements and Other Income Agreements, Ratification of Other Agreements, Approval of Bid Awards, Approval of Declared Surplus Materials and Equipment, Change Notices and Notices of Completion

9.1b    Approve Personnel Transactions

9.1c    Approve Resolution No.2761: Designating Senior Management Positions of the Classified Service

9.1d    Approve Board of Education Meeting Minutes for September 12, 2013


11.1   Parent Teacher Home Visit Project/Academic Parent Teacher Teams


12.1    Approve California Common Core State Standards Implementation Funds Expenditure Plan


13.1    Business and Financial Report:
• Cash Flow Report for the Period Ending July 31, 2013
• Purchase Order Board Report for the Period of August 15, 2013 through   September 14, 2013
• Report on Contracts within the Expenditure Limitations Specified in Section PCC 20111 for the Period of July 1, 2013 through August 13, 2013

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Response to Public Comment

Is Peter Burnett over capacity?

Peter Burnett is not over capacity as a school. There is room for additional students at every grade level except 6th grade, which is full. Our 6th grade teachers have voluntarily kept an additional student rather than ConCap the student to another school. The school also has 4/5 GATE and 6th grade GATE classes that have room for students.

What is going on with enrollment numbers?

Answer pending.

What are the true cost of the renovations for the district?

The total cost of the renovations of the receiving schools was $4,158,819 and was covered with facility bond funding. Most of these projects were already to be completed and paid for through bond funding. However, the timeline was accelerated to accommodate additional students. UPDATED 10/18/13

What is the transportation for receiving schools costing the district?

The cost of transportation for students was included in the net savings projections presented prior to the Board’s decision on school closures. No additional costs were necessary. Nine additional routes were added for a total cost of $468,000. UPDATED 10/18/13