May 3, 2012 Board Meeting

Board of Education Meeting

4:30 p.m. Closed Session
6:30 p.m. Open Session

Agenda Items


10.1 Approve Resolution No. 2701: Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of Not to Exceed $130,000,000 Refunding General Obligation Bonds and Approving Forms of Documents and Actions of Officers of the District Necessary in Connection Therewith


10.2 Approve the Submission of a Credential Waiver Application to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for two (2) ROTC Teachers and two (2) Career and Technical Preparation Teachers

10.3 Safe Routes to School and Project Attendance Intervention Management



11.1a Approve Grants, Entitlements and other Income Agreements, Ratification of Other Agreements, Approval of Bid Awards, Approval of Declared Surplus Materials and Equipment, Change Notices and Notices of Completion

11.1b Approve Personnel Transactions

11.1c Approve Appointment of Bond Oversight Committee Members 

11.1d Approve Staff Recommendations for Expulsions #11, #12 and #13 2011/2012

11.1e Approve Sutter Middle School Field Trip to Boston, Massachusetts, May 13-18, 2012

11.1f Approve Albert Einstein Middle School Field Trip to Ashland, Oregon, June 1-3, 2012


12.1 Business and Financial Report:

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Response to Public Questions

1. Instead of laying-off workers have we thought of creative ways to raise money. If yes, what, if no why?

Response:  The district continues to look at all options for potential solutions to our budget deficit, including creative approaches at new revenue opportunities. The district employs a full-time grant writer whose sole responsibility is to seek out and secure funding for our schools and programs from a variety of private and public sources. The Board recently reconstituted the district’s 501(c)(3) organization, “Kids First for Sacramento City Unified School District,” in order to provide financial and other resources to benefit our students and classrooms. The district is also pursuing additional options in the realm of advertising and sponsorships, with the Board’s recent revisions to Board Policy 1325 laying the foundation for this work.

2. Is the school Board aware that by reducing the painters wood will rot?

Response: Wood will rot if left unprotected for an extended period of time. Currently, there are hundreds of examples of rotting wood in the district, despite a full staff of painters.

3. The Brown Act says that speakers do not have to give their names. Is this true?

Response:  Government Code 54953.3 states: “A member of the public shall not be required, as a condition to attendance at a meeting of a local agency, to register his or her name, to provide other information, to complete a questionnaire, or otherwise to fulfill any condition precedent to his or her attendance.” In other words, the district cannot require a sign-up sheet as a condition of attending a meeting. Brown Act does not prohibit filling out a public comment card as a reasonable requirement to address public comment to the Board.

4. Are you aware that the HVAC at The Met Sacramento High School was put on a 20-year-old roof?

Response: Due to penetrations from the construction company working on the modernization, there were minor leaking issues, which have now been fixed. Newer composition shingles created unanticipated issues, but those issues have since been rectified.

5. How do we engage more with the county Sheriff’s Department?

Response:  Sacramento Police Department Lt. Kathy Lester, who heads SCUSD’s security services, and Gabe Ross, Chief Communications Officer, met with the Sheriff’s Office representatives this week in order to establish more direct lines of communication and engagement.

6. What is the possibility of having Folsom Lake College sections taught at Rosemont High School?

Response:  The principal at Rosemont has been in discussions with Folsom Lake College about having Dual Enrollment classes offered at the school. Some faculty members at the school are qualified to teach the classes, and the principal is working with the college with the goal of offering some classes in fall 2012.

7. How will we comply with Williams Act if proposed cuts to custodians are enacted? 

Response: The District intends to fully comply with the requirements of the Williams Act.  We are continuing to explore options with our bargaining units.