June 13, 2013 Board Meeting

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4:30 p.m. Closed Session
6:30 p.m. Open Session



9.1 Public Hearing and Proposed Fiscal Year 2013-14 Budget
for All Funds



10.1a      Approve Grants, Entitlements and Other Income Agreements, Ratification of Other Agreements, Approval of Bid Awards, Approval of Declared Surplus Materials and Equipment, Change Notices and Notices of Completion

10.1b      Approve the Budget Revision of the 2012-13 Fiscal Year, for the Period Ending April 30, 2013

10.1c      Approve Personnel Transactions

10.1d      Approve Sutter Middle School Field Trip to Washington D.C., June 14 – 17, 2013

10.1e      Approve Resolution No. 2753: Delegating Duty to Accept Bids and Award Construction Contracts

10.1f       Approve Resolution No. 2754: Naming of District Representatives for School Facilities Program

10.1g      Approve Appointment of Board Member Christina Pritchett to Council of Great City Schools as the Board Representative

10.1h      Approve Appointment of Vice President Patrick Kennedy to Board Liaison to the Head Start Program as the Board Representative

10.1i       Approve Board of Education Meeting Calendar for 2013-14

10.1j       Approve Board of Education Meeting Minutes for May 2 and 16, 2013

10.1k     Approve 2012-13 Third Interim Financial Report


12.1       School Closure Transition Update

Powerpoint – School Closure Transition

Powerpoint – Facilities / Receiving School Site Work

12.2       7-11 Committee Update

12.3       Coherent Governance Operational Expectations 5 (OE-5) – Financial Planning Monitoring Report


13.1       Business and Financial Report:
• Purchase Order Board Report for the Period of April 15, 2013 Through May 14, 2013
• Report on Contracts within the Expenditure Limitations Specified in Section PCC 20111 for the Period March 1, 2013 through April 30, 2013
• Enrollment and Attendance Report for Month 8 Ending April 19, 2013

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Response to Public Comment

Why did we not place the Charter request for Joseph Bonnheim onto the Board Agenda?

A petition to convert Joseph Bonnheim to a charter school in the 2014-15 school year was submitted to the district on June 12, 2013. SCUSD’s Administrative Regulations state that “If a petition for a conversion charter is submitted after December 15 of the prior school year, the petition will not be considered unless the petition proposes to begin operations for the school year following the next school year.” SCUSD Board Policy and Administrative Regulations include a different timeline for start-up charters. In that case, SCUSD’s Board Policy and Administrative Regulations that clearly states that the district will only accept a petition for a start-up charter school between September 1 and March 1 of the prior school year. 

 Why are we having Independent Physical Education?

Independent Study is an alternative to classroom instruction consistent with the district’s course of study and is not an alternative curriculum. In accordance with Board Policy and the Education Code, it provides individual students with an option of ways to acquire the skills and knowledge students are required to gain as verified by a written agreement. We are requesting funds to support Independent Study as an option for those students who have a compressed schedule — especially in ninth and 10th grades. Independent Study can only be utilized for physical education during the school year. The one exception to this is for students who need to recover credit for failing to meet the requirements for PE during the regular school year. These students may do so by participating in a summer Independent Study. Principals will select teachers based upon appropriate PE credentials and PE teaching experience. State established guidelines in the Independent Study Operations Manual plus the district’s established policies and procedures for assigning students to independent study will be used to govern the implementation.