February 21, 2013 Board Meeting

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4:30 p.m. Closed Session
6:30 p.m. Open Session

Agenda Items


8.1a    Approve Grants, Entitlements and Other Income Agreements, Ratification of Other Agreements, Approval of Bid Awards, Approval of Declared Surplus Materials and Equipment, Change Notices and Notices of Completion

8.1b     Approve Business and Financial Reports: Warrants and Checks Issued for the Period of January 2013

8.1c     Approve Personnel Transactions

8.1d     Approve Board of Education Meeting Minutes for January 17, 2013


9.1      Resolution No. 2732: Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of the 2012-13 Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes                        

9.2      District Right-Sizing: Resolution No. 2734: Re Closure of Under-Enrolled School Facilities at Fruit Ridge, James Marshall, Washington, C.P. Huntington, Susan B. Anthony, Bret Harte, Joseph Bonnheim, Mark Hopkins, C.B. Wire, and Maple Elementary Schools      

9.3     Resolution No. 2735: Intention to Terminate Certificated Employees Due to a Reduction of Particular Kinds of Services                  

Resolution No. 2735 – Exhibit A

9.4     Resolution No. 2736: To Determine Criteria for Deviation from Terminating a Certificated Employee in Order of Seniority (“Skipping” Criteria)                            

Resolution No. 2736 – Exhibit A (“Skipping Criteria”)

9.5     Resolution No. 2737: Determination for Tie-Breaking Criteria        

9.6     Resolution No. 2738:  Notice of Layoff – Classified Employees – Reduction in Force Due to Lack of Funds and/or Lack of Work

Resolution 2738 – Exhibit A


10.1   Business and Financial Report:
• Purchase Order Board Report for the Period of December 15, 2012 through January 14, 2013
• Cash Flow Report for the Period Ending December 31, 2012
• Investment Report as of December 31, 2012


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