Nutritional Services Back To School Conference
Site Group A



August 28th: Conference 

Luther Burbank 8am-2pm

  • Everyone must attend the Mandatory Diversity Training Session, according to the schedule you receive at check in.
  • Attend 2 other sessions of your choice.
  • Once a session is full, you’ll have to choose a different one to attend. First come, first served.
  • After attending Diversity Training and 2 other sessions of your choice, lunch will be provided, followed by a General Session with Matt Upton.
MANDATORY Diversity Training (2 hours)

Presented by: Hector Montenegro and Sue Quest

Building foundational positive relationships is the key to developing greater empathy and respect for others, and valuing their diversity of race, culture, orientation, and abilities.  In this workshop, participants will engage in social and emotional learning activities that will strengthen their relationships with other, and experience cultural responsive strategies that will support their connection to and understanding for those who are different from them. This course will introduce the notion of implicit bias, which will be explored deeper in upcoming additional workshops this year.

Attend 1 of the following 4 sessions:
How to Handle Difficult People and Conflict (1 hour)

Presented by Schools Insurance Authority

This workshop explores why we resort to anger and teaches strategies for choosing healthier responses. After the workshop, participants should be able to identify workplace conflicts, better understand anger responses, and better understand the relationship between difficult people and conflict.

The Stress Club: Take Your Power Back! (1 hour)

Presented by Tami West

The American Institute of Stress has reported that America is “on the verge of a stress-induced public health crisis.” Stress-management advice, training and products are abundant, yet statistics continue to worsen. There’s a reason why stress-management techniques aren’t working: If everyone at your school is talking about their crazy lives, it’s risky for you not to be stressed because you’ll be kicked out of the club! The Stress Club opens eyes to these pressures and teaches you how to disconnect from stress forever. This session is guaranteed to make you laugh, and forever change the way you think about stress!

Leadership 101 (1 hour)

Presented by Ryan Molnar

How to Connect and Communicate with Your Staff (1 hour)

Presented By Matt Upton

If you are experiencing the frustration of increased complaints and less work being done and at the same time higher wages being asked for, then this workshop is what you’ve been looking for! We will uncover the seven-step recipe to Connect with our Staff/Team that will transform your school restaurant/café. This workshop will be fast paced and highly insightful as it reveals why the old paradigm of leadership/management is no longer functional.

Attend 1 of the following 4 sessions:
#The Challenge of Change (45 minutes)

Presented by: Tami West

The world is changing more rapidly now than ever before; evolving technology, creative work arrangements, and changing societal expectations. Some of these changes are easy to embrace, whereas others are not. This is not your “5 ways to embrace change” kind of session. Anyone can easily find thousands of websites with that information. In this surprise-filled session, Tami combines humor with current research to help you view change with a fresh, new perspective!

The FISH Philosophy (45 minutes)

Presented by Schools Insurance Authority

The FISH Philosophy is a global phenomenon that helps organizations transforms their workplace culture and the experience they offer those they serve. It’s about having fun and energy throughout your workday. A special part of the program includes the famous FISH film that shows you how commitment to your organization’s vision is the key to bringing life and energy to your work. You’ll be inspired to create the workplace you’ve been searching for, right where you are!

Culinary Knife Skills (45 minutes)

Presented by Chef David Edgar

Knowing how to use knives skillfully is the foundation of all cooking, and doesn’t have to be scary or frustrating. Many home and even professional cooks don’t always wield a knife correctly, however, which increases food preparation time and makes the process harder—and less safe—than it should be. Simply put, good knives are the foundation of a well-equipped kitchen. This class remedies all these basic issues: You will learn how to slice, dice, chop, and much more in the safest and most efficient manner. This class will even guide you through the practice of keeping your knives sharp and handling them correctly.

A Smarter Lunchroom (45 minutes)

Presented by Health Education Council

The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement is dedicated to providing schools with the knowledge, motivation, and resources needed to build a lunchroom environment that makes healthy food choices the easy choice. The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement brings in principles from behavioral economics, marketing, and psychology and applies them to the cafeteria to see less waste, higher participation, and more satisfied students. In this workshop, staff will learn about the basics of the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement and its various simple strategies that can be implemented in the cafeteria to help students choose, eat, and be excited about healthy foods.

Post-Lunch: General Session
The Recipe to Serve Our Students

Presented by Matt Upton

We can serve great tasting nutritional food to our students at the best possible price, yet if we are not at the top of our ability to serve, then our students will find other places to eat. Or, worse not eat at all? There is a six-ingredient recipe that when prepared at the correct temperature will cause our Serve to bring our students and customers into our school restaurants. Rather than having to come to us, they will want to eat with us and bring their friends.

August 29: Pod Meetings w/Supervisor

Location to be determined by supervisor; 8am-10am

August 30: Site Prep 

Leads report to site for prep 

August 31: First Day of School!