Waldorf-inspired program at A.M. Winn

Post A.M. Winn Public Waldorf

Dear A.M. Winn Families and Friends:

As you may know, our school district is moving forward with a plan to transform A.M. Winn to a Waldorf-inspired school – a school where imagination, creativity and critical thinking skills necessary for college and careers are fostered in a supportive “whole child” environment.

Waldorf education was developed by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) at the beginning of the 20th century. The Waldorf education model is used in 60 countries and there are 44 Waldorf-inspired public schools in the United States. SCUSD opened the country’s first public Waldorf-inspired high school, George Washington Carver School of Arts and Sciences, in 2008.

SCUSD’s Waldorf-inspired schools take a complete approach to learning—“head, heart and hands”—and address each child as an individual with innate talents and abilities. Research shows that students in Waldorf-inspired programs have higher standardized test scores from fourth grade on. Ninety-four percent of students who graduate from Waldorf schools go on to attend college; 88 percent graduate from college.

This initiative was brought to our school by our community through a collaborative process initiated last year. SCUSD assembled a “Design Team” of parents, teachers, staff, neighbors and community members to envision the best possible educational program for A.M. Winn. Through discussion, research and school visits, the team recommended the Waldorf-inspired program.

The transition to this exciting model of learning will be phased in gradually over time; A.M. Winn will open with a Waldorf-inspired kindergarten this fall and add grades as the years progress.

We look forward to continuing to work with our community on this important endeavor. As informed, critical thinkers, our students will become change-makers and responsible global citizens. For more information on Waldorf-inspired schools, please visit www.scusd.edu.

Thank you,

Michael Kast