School Transitions

School Transition Information


SCUSD is committed to supporting families affected by school closures. Our goal is for every family to be treated with care and respect throughout the transition process, which will last well into the next school year. Plans are already underway for School Transition Information Clinics and “blending” events at new home schools to allow children to meet new friends, parents to meet teachers and staffs to coalesce.

Students enrolled in closing schools who did not participate in the Open Enrollment process will be automatically registered in their new home schools for fall 2013. If you have questions about your new school, please contact your current school administration immediately.

Closing schools is difficult and presents challenges that must be met and overcome. But as with all of life’s challenges, there are also opportunities: By matching the number of schools we operate with the steadily declining number of students we serve, we can begin to concentrate our people, programs and partnerships to the benefit of staff and the community.