Designated Instruction and Services (DIS) and Related Services

Related services and Designated Instruction and Services (DIS) are supportive services necessary for the student to benefit educationally from the instructional program. DIS is provided by the regular classroom teacher, special class teacher or Resource Specialist teacher when they are competent to provide it and it is feasible. If not, an appropriate DIS specialist provides the service which may include one or more of the following: language and speech development and remediation; audiological services; orientation and mobility instruction; instruction in the home or hospital; adapted physical education; physical and occupational therapy; vision services; counseling and guidance; psychological services other than assessment and development of the IEP; parent counseling and training; health and nursing services; social worker services; specially-designed vocational education and career development; recreation services; and specialized services for low-incidence disabilities such as readers, transcribers and vision and hearing services.