UPDATED Infinite Campus Emergency Messenger, Message Builder Instructions
All Grades

Principal Bulletin

To reach the parents/guardians of all current and incoming students, please use Infinite Campus Messenger. ConnectED has not been loaded with new student contacts since April 11 and is no longer an option for sending calls to your 2014-15 families.

Infinite Campus Messenger system has two options for calling home:

  • Emergency Messenger. This is the choice for lockdowns, fires, gas leaks or other crises where parents must be reached immediately. Emergency Messenger calls ALL NUMBERS associated with a student (household, work and cell). It should not be used for routine calls about spaghetti dinners or harvest festivals. NOTE: This feature will be live on the first day of school when active student lists roll over from the previous year.
  • Message Builder. This is the choice for weekly calls or other routine calls about general information. By selecting specific Ad Hoc Reporting filters, you can place calls by grade level as well as to all students. 

Staff members responsible for sending automated calls during emergencies need to learn how to use Emergency Messenger ASAP (even though it’s not live until the first day of school, you can practice the process now).  Ideally, principals should make these calls; however, office managers, assistant principals or others who may place such a call need to know how to use the system quickly and efficiently in a crisis. 

To assist you, we have created a flyer with step-by-step instructions for Emergency Messenger. Please practice using this tool until you are comfortable with sending a message quickly. The same is true for other staffers who may send a call in a crisis. Please keep the instructions posted near office phones.

Step-by-step instructions for Message Builder are also attached. More tools to help with this, including links to webinars and training videos, can be found here.

UPDATE: Technology Services has resolved the issues related to our ability to send calls in languages other than English to our non-English speaking parents. You can now select a Language Preference and send messages in Spanish, Hmong, Russian, etc. to our families who prefer to hear from their school in those languages. We have updated the Message Builder instructions to reflect this change.

If you missed the trainings last spring on Messenger and need help sending a general notification call, or have any additional questions, please contact Gayle McKnight at 643-7871 or gaylemc@scusd.edu.